Outsourcing your call center, or in the old days, telemarketing, is an important decision.  At Thumbs Up, we are proud to be the choice of many well-known satisfied corporations and we consider ourselves a true extension of their own internal departments.

Our flexibility and quick response to clients’ changing needs have set us apart in the teleservices industry.

  • Outbound B2B Lead Generation

    Case Study: Health Insurance Company

    1. Generate and qualify new business opportunities
    2. Inform and educate marketplace on commercial and personal product lines
    3. Close gap on leads to sales processOne group of customers standing on a red target bullseye, with magnifying glass hovering above it

    1. Identify decision maker
    2. Utilize sales protocol to qualify warm leads vs. hot leads
    3. Live transfer qualified “HOT” prospects to selected agent


    1. 0ver 25,000 hot leads generated
    2. 2 live transfers per hour
    3. 5:1 ROI

  • Outbound Fundraising

    Case Study: Large Metropolitan Healthcare Organization

    1. Donor Acquisition
    2. Large Donor Identification
    3. Convey Philanthropic Message
    4. Promote and foster good will in community


    1. Create comprehensive training program
    2. Follow up calls made to direct mail recipients focusing on development and public relations
    3. Verify all pledges to drive fulfillment lift


    1. 23% of all calls resulted in commitment
    2. Generated over 200,000 donations
    3. 2:1 ROI from 1st year contributions

  • Outbound Consumer Appointment Setting

    Case Study: Leading National Portrait Studio


    1. Generate appointments for several hundred retail portrait studios across the United States
    2. Drive cost-effective volume into studios nationwide
    1. Conduct outbound sales calls to consumers inviting them to schedule an appointment with their neighborhood location
    2. Schedule real-time appointments using client’s web-based appointment system


    1. Over 75,000 appointments scheduled
    2. Managed multiple databases for client with conversion rates from 10%-65%
    3. 4:1 ROI

  • Outbound Customer Retention

    Case Study: Large Multi-Location Hair Salon

    1. Telephone to measure satisfaction of last visit
    2. Gather data to manage 50 individual locations – Tie results to salon and stylist incentives
    3. Improve customer loyalty


    1. Conduct a 3 question survey within 14 days of last visit utilizing “best in class” quality assurance
    2. Design statistical analysis and reporting
    3. Pinpoint areas for improvement for each operation


    1. Over 15,000 surveys performed in 13 monthly periods
    2. Measurable improved customer retention
    3. Identified dissatisfied customers for client follow up
    4. Lifetime value of delighted customer … PRICELESS!

  • Outbound B2B Market Research & Lead Generation

    Case Study: Major Motion Picture Exclusive Licensing Agency



    1. Canvas multiple industries for new business opportunities
    2. Identify decision maker
    3. Qualify leads for in-house sales effort

    1. Construct and conduct survey containing 5 results oriented questions
    2. Qualify prospects and generate prioritized leads for in-house sales staff
    3. Strategic quality calibration sessions and custom-designed system for data capture

    1. Identified decision maker and verified contact information for future marketing and sales communication
    2. Identified top performing demographics
    3. Over 3,500 leads generated
    4. 6:1 ROI on new customer revenue

  • Outbound Customer Satisfaction

    Case Study: Healthcare – Hospital

    1. Telephone survey to measure satisfaction of last visit
    2. Gather data to manage client internal quality control efforts
    3. Apply strict quality assurance measurement on every call


    1. Conduct customized 20 question survey based on treatment and service received
    2. Design statistical analysis and reporting
    3. Pinpoint areas for improvement  for each sector


    1. Promoted customer delight
    2. Identified disenchanted patients
    3. Provided critical point of escalation for patient feedback
    4. Survey results influenced executive strategic planning