“I had a high degree of confidence in Thumbs Up’s ability to help us in our Stand Up for CBC capital campaign.  It has been a pleasure working with Thumbs Up throughout this process.  I am pleased to say that my confidence was well placed.  Our campaign is wrapping up and CBC is on stronger ground in part because of our working with Thumbs Up.  From the very beginning, Thumbs Up was available for questions and clarification.  Working with an outside agency to help us with our fundraising calls is not something we considered lightly.  Thankfully, Thumbs Up delivered on their promise and precisely met the goals we set together.  Whenever I had a question or concern, which was very seldom, I was always able to reach them for a quick and proper resolution.  I also appreciated our weekly calls to constantly assess the process and adjust if necessary.  I felt that they were invested in CBC and were truly working to benefit us.  I would not hesitate to hire you folks once again.”

Jeff Jones, Director of Leadership Giving

CBC High School